11. February 2008

You may <big>hug</big> Ropinsky.


      by max on 9. April 2008 · permalink

      hi jay! i saw 2 of your works here. i’ll be back for more. you have a virtual museum of modern art here. thanks for taking outside of myspace awhile.

      regards, max


      by Louise Bialik on 22. August 2008 · permalink

      This is a fascinating approach to photography, Janek… to combine two random photos for a blended once in a life time view… you have my eyes very interested! I’d like to do this for myself… I take zillions of pix. Did you come up with this script on your own? Would you point me to the code? Or, may I host my pix on your site and have them fed a similar way? some of my pix can be viewed at (and you’re welcome to incorporate with your random pix site here):

      best to you,


      by paula on 8. August 2011 · permalink

      I am not going to hug you… but I wanted to tell you that I think the result of Thingship is fantastic, the experience quite exciting as well, congratulions!